quinta-feira, outubro 14, 2004

A Vontade e o Bem

"The people are not to be taught to think lightly of their engagements to their governors; else they teach governors to think lightly of their engagements towards them. In that kind of game, in the end, the people are sure losers. To flatter them into a contempt of faith, truth, and justice is to ruin them; for in these virtues consists their whole safety. To flatter any man, or any part of mankind, in any description, by asserting that in engagements he or they are free, whilst any other human creature is bound, is ultimately to vest the rule of morality in the pleasure of those who ought to be rigidly submitted to it - to subject the sovereign reason of the world to the caprices of weak and giddy men."

Edmund Burke, "An Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs" 1791