quinta-feira, junho 09, 2005

O Bem Comum e Leo Strauss

A centralidade do conceito na sua obra pode ver-se nesta citação...

"Today there are quite a few people who a e doubtful whether one can speak of the good society because that would imply that there is a common good; and for some reason they think there couldn't be a common good. But quite a few of these people speak, for example, of the great society, which is another form of the good society---only one doesn't know why great society is preferrable to good society. At least it has never been explained to us. Others speak of the open society, which is also a form of the good society-----and again we are not told why the open society is a better term than the good society. Be this as it may, one can reject only verbally the quest for a good society. And this is the concern of political philosophy."

Leo Strauss